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AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015


Automatic SMP, a Lean 6 Sigma company established in 1914, is located in Decatur, Alabama and is owned by Nelson Stud Welding, a division of Doncasters Fastener Systems. We service a wide spectrum of industries including aerospace, automotive, locomotive, marine, and off-road. We are a full service machine shop capable of producing custom products to engineering specifications for our customers. Not only do we feature the best technology but also unrivaled customer service and impeccable quality management via our deposit inventory and global dual sourcing.

Our customers not only value our professional "can-do" attitude but also our capabilities such as Just-In-Time Delivery and a full range of testing capabilities. Impressive as these are they only come in second to our experienced staff, the real power behind our support for our customers success.

We serve a broad range of customers. The aircraft market continues to be a vital part of our business but so are companies which manufacture elevators, trucks, off-road equipment, locomotives, recreational vehicles, hand and power tools and a wide variety of other products including the automotive aftermarket.

In the future Automatic will no doubt look different, but our goals will remain to search for new customers and new markets and to serve them with products MADE IN USA by dedicated, talented and motivated employees.

Hours of Business

We are available 8-5 Monday through Friday.